Encon Services International LLC, Bethesda, Maryland, provides energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting services to apartment buildings and condominiums in District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia:

  • Reviewing and commenting on Reserve Studies for energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities
  • Identifying energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities
  • Verifying the feasibility of project ideas proposed by condo owners
  • Project cost/benefit analysis
  • Identifying available incentives
  • Analyzing project financing options (especially for PV systems)
  • Preparing Building Energy Efficiency Plans
  • Recommending technologies/materials and service providers
  • Assisting with technical specifications
  • Helping determine O&M needs and procedures
  • Supporting with equipment procurement
  • Developing and issuing solicitations, and managing the solicitation process
  • Providing technical and financial due diligence of service providers and vendors offers
  • Reviewing contracts with service and technology/material providers
  • Monitoring project implementation
  • Monitoring and verifying project (HVAC, PV, etc.) operation
  • Providing educational support to maintenance providers