Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Dates: 2004 - 2005

Country of assignment: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine

Description of actual services provided: 

Encon was an active member of the consortium selected by EBRD for the implementation of the Energy Audits Programme aimed to identify energy saving opportunities with industrial clients of the EBRD by conducting energy audits in plants located in a number of countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. In cooperation with MWH, Encon’s engineers performed industrial energy audits in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. An energy audit was conducted at the Svilosa Pulp Mill in Svishtov, Bulgaria, which resulted in the utilization of steam generated by the Soda Recovery Boiler to generate electricity. In addition, Encon in cooperation with MWH performed an energy audit of the European Drin Group’s facilities located near the city of Oradea in Romania, and proposed switching from heavy fuel oil to natural gas, installation of cogeneration facility, utilization of geothermal energy, heat recovery from fluid gases and other measures. The energy audit of the thermal power plant Stаrоbeshevo in Ukraine identified the following financially viable measures: modernization of low-pressure cylinder of turbine К-200-130, elimination of air cross-flows to the air dust of TP-100 steam boiler, installation of new insulation of a steam boiler and adjacent pipe system, and installation of an additional tubular air heater behind air heater-1 stage for boiler efficiency increase.