Client: Green for Growth Fund (GGF)

Dates: 2012 - 2013

Country of assignment: Moldova, Macedonia

Description of actual services provided:

Encon Services International LLC was a member of a consortium led by Econoler, which was awarded a contract for the Study on Identification of the Energy Savings Potential of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment funded by the Green for Growth Fund.


For the purpose of promoting energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, the Green for Growth Fund invests long-term dedicated funds to Financial Institutions (mainly banks and leasing companies) that in turn provide medium to long-term loans to SMEs, households, and municipalities in accordance with the Fund’s eligibility criteria.

 The overall objective of the study is to identify new standard energy efficiency measures which can be financed through the GGF. The study is exploring the energy savings and CO2 reduction potential in the agricultural sector of Ukraine/Moldova and Serbia/Macedonia by replacing energy-intensive equipment with new units or, where high levels of savings exist, through the addition of new equipment which reduces the energy consumption per produced unit sufficiently to qualify under eligible measures. This is expected to also keep maintenance and other production related cost lower, thus improving the efficiency and reliability.