Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Dates: 2016

Country of assignment: Bulgaria 

Description of actual services provided:

The scope and content of the Encon’s tasks for each building of Military Medical Academy (Hospital), Sofia, Bulgaria include:

  • Energy audit of the Hospital buildings (totally, 112,690 m2) required by the Energy Efficiency Act and Ordinance RD-16-1594 for energy efficiency auditing, certification and assessment of energy savings in buildings
  • The scope and content of the task for each building include:
    • Collection of the necessary data for the Hospital through site visit, reviewing available documentation, interviewing key staff, and making measurements
    • Analyzing and processing data and describing the buildings and their energy systems
    • Analyzing the energy consumption and the energy performance
    • Identifying and describing the energy saving measures
    • Analyzing energy benefits and economics of the energy saving measures
    • Assessing the carbon dioxide emissions reduction from the proposed energy saving measures
    • Preparing the final report for the energy efficiency audits and a document based on the form issued by the Sustainable Energy Development Agency
    • Preparing the Certificate for the energy performance of the Hospital Preparing the report on the energy efficiency of boilers, as required, by Ordinance No RD-16-932
  • Technical specifications for the energy efficiency measures recommended in the energy audit report