Client: SEC  Khan Shatyr

Dates: 2016

Country of assignment: Kazakhstan

Description of actual services provided:

In 2016 Encon was invited by Kazakhstan Center of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, Astana, for performing Energy Audit and preparing Energy Audit Report for Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center is a giant transparent tent built in a distinctively neofuturist style. The 150 m-high (500 ft) tent has a 200 m elliptical base covering 140,000 square meters. Underneath the tent, there are an urban-scale internal park, shopping and entertainment venue with squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, shopping center, mini-golf and indoor beach resort. The fabric roof is constructed from ETFE-cushions suspended on a network of cables strung from a central spire. The transparent material allows sunlight through which, in conjunction with the stack effect, air heating and cooling systems, is designed to maintain an internal temperature between 15–30 °C (59–86 °F) in the main space and 19–24 °C (66–75 °F) in the retail units, while outside the temperature varies between −35-35 °C (−31–95 °F) across the year.


The following energy efficiency measures resulted from the Energy Audit:

  • Replacement of the front door
  • Reduction of the day and night indoor temperatures
  • Installation of heat exchangers in the ventilation system
  • Installation of motion detectors on escalators

The proposed energy efficiency measures will lead to estimated electricity savings of 363 MWh/Year and heat energy savings of 3,509 MWh/Year.