Client: Schneider Electric/Hewlett-Packard Global Delivery Center Ltd

Dates: 2016

Country of assignment: Bulgaria 

Description of actual services provided:

Under the contract with Schneider Electric, Encon Services Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria performed a full energy audit of four buildings rented by Hewlett-Packard Global Delivery Center Ltd in the Business Park in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Encon’s implemented the following tasks:

  • Energy audit of four buildings (totally, 82 151,8 m2) required by the Regulation No E-RD-04-05/08.09.2016 to determine indicators for energy consumption, the energy performance of enterprises, industrial systems and external lighting, as well as to determine the procedures for conducting energy efficiency audits and an assessment of energy savings.
  • The scope of work for each building included:
    • Collecting the necessary data through site visits, reviewing available documentation, interviewing key staff, and making measurements
    • Analyzing the building envelope performance
    • Analyzing and processing data and describing the buildings and their energy and natural gas systems
    • Analyzing the energy consumption (electricity and thermal energy) and the energy performance
    • Analyzing natural gas consumption
    • Identifying and describing the energy and natural gas saving measures
    • Analyzing economics of the energy and natural gas saving measures
    • Analysis of the overheated factor (energy losses through data center) (PUE). Analysis of the Data center infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) – amount of energy consumed by the IT equipment to the total facility power:
  • Power consumption from the utility to the IT room;
  • Cooling load as a function of external temperature;
  • -      Coefficient of performance of the cooling equipment as a function of external temperature;
    • Assessing the carbon dioxide emissions reduction from the proposed energy and fuel saving measures
    • Preparing the final report for the energy efficiency audits and a document based on the form issued by the Sustainable Energy Development Agency
    • Based on the performed calculations and analysis for the suggested energy efficiency measures for the prosed four buildings is prepared energy passports to be submitted to Suitable Energy Development Agency (SEDA).