Client: Large Industrial Enterprises

Dates: 2017

Country of assignment: Bulgaria

Description of actual services provided:

The Program aims at energy intensity reduction by supporting large enterprises in Bulgaria to promote the implementation of energy efficiency projects. 

Budget of the Program procedure amounts to BGN 97,791,500 / EUR 50,000,000. The maximum co-financing rate is 25-50%. The minimum and maximum grants for a project amount to BGN 500,000 and BGN 2,500,000, respectfully.

Eligible energy efficiency measures included:

·        Waste heat utilization;

·        Introduction and certification of energy management systems;

·        Implementation of CEMs that reduce the energy intensity of the existing building stock of enterprises;

·       Acquisition of heating and cooling systems and / or production of electricity from renewable energy sources for own consumption;

·        Acquisition of tangible and intangible assets that contribute to improving the energy efficiency of enterprises.

Encon Services Ltd. developed energy audits for a number of large industrial enterprises required under the Program for investments aimed at increasing energy efficiency.