Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Dates: 2012 - 2016

Country of assignment: Moldova

Description of actual services provided:

From 2012 to 2016 Encon Services International LLC was a subcontractor to Chemonics International Inc to help implement USAID’s Local Government Support Program (LGSP) in Moldova.


Encon was actively involved in Municipal Energy Efficiency Project, which had the following objectives:  

  • Creating an integrated legal and policy framework that supports energy savings and efficiencies related to municipal infrastructure and services at the local level
  • Providing cost savings to local governments and municipal companies for public energy uses
  • Building capacity at rayon and local levels to implement energy legislation requirements concerning energy efficiency planning and project implementation, and meet 2020 national norms

Encon implemented the following Tasks:

  • Training all rayon Energy Officers and relevant staff at the Regional Development Authorities about: 1) Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Law; 2) Efficiency monitoring and measurement plans; and 3) Implementation of municipal energy efficiency programs and action plans
  • At the town level, training and assisting with preparing and implementing of local energy efficiency action plans that integrate with other priority and capital investment plans
  • Assisting project towns with identifying and analyzing existing practices and potential opportunities for energy efficiency improvements at municipal buildings, heating systems, and electricity usage
  • Assisting project towns with selecting and developing projects to improve energy efficiency, and that can be presented for co-financing with available funds. The projects include:
    • Energy saving improvements to district heating systems for public buildings such as pipe insulation, substation modernization and controls,
    • Energy efficiency and biomass fueling of Co-generation Heat and Power (CHP) that serve district heating networks or municipal buildings,
    • Improvements to public buildings (schools, clinics, administrative buildings, cultural facilities) such as improving insulation and weatherization, new windows, indoor lighting, hot water, etc.
  • Task 5: Assisting partner towns with developing public information and energy efficiency education programs in support of public investments and to encourage household energy efficiency,
  • Task 6: Preparing energy efficiency action plans and providing assistance for monitoring, verification, and reporting on the implemented energy efficiency projects