Client: Gamesa Energias Renewables S.A.
Dates: 2006 - 2007
Country of assignment: Bulgaria 

Description of actual services provided:

Encon provided Gamesa Energias Renewables S.A. with wind masts at different locations in Bulgaria under a leasing agreement.  Encon installed the masts and measurement equipment, serviced the masts and dismantled (or reallocated) the masts per the client’s requests. Specifically, the services included:

  • Supplying the require wind masts
  • Installing the wind mast
    • Transporting wind masts to the selected sites
    • Assembling and installing the wind masts and all monitoring equipment
  • Performing O&M on the wind mast
    • Providing through a GPRS system remote control of the masts
    • Performing site visits every two months to maintain and monitor the measuring equipment
    • Providing the client with a summary of the preventive maintenance performed on the masts

 100% of the wind mast operated successfully.